What Exactly Is A Pupusa?

What Exactly Is A Pupusa

Corn is a vital ingredient that is somehow incorporated into every Latin recipe when it comes to Latin dishes. Although simple corn tortillas are eaten in various ways in both Latin countries and other countries in which Latins have emigrated, there are so many different ways in which corn and corn dough can be used in food dishes. One of these is the world-famous pupusa, made in-house and served at Las Cazuelas Restaurant and Pupuseria in Los Angeles. This corn-centered dish is a staple food item throughout Central America, specifically El Salvador. 

Pupusas are thick corn tortillas that can be stuffed with various fillings, including various meats, refried beans, cheese, and even squash flowers. The filled corn tortillas are then cooked to perfection on a traditional grill referred to as a comal. Per Salvadoran tradition, pupusas are usually topped with spicy coleslaw, called curtido, traditionally comprised of onions, carrots, cabbage, and a mixture of incredibly flavorful spices. It is said that pupusas were created by the indigenous Pipil tribe, who resided in El Salvador almost 2,000 years ago. 

The Importance of The Pupusa For The El Salvadoran People: 

When El Salvadorians began to emigrate to other countries in the late 1900s, they brought their pupusas along with them, introducing the delicious corn-based dish to several new countries, including the United States, Canada, and even Australia. The pupusa dish holds such importance and value to the El Salvadoran people that in 2005, the pupusa was named the official national food of El Salvador. The pupusas are such an essential food for the Salvadoran people that the country declared the second Sunday in November National Pupusa Day. On this Sunday, El Salvadorans from all around the country travel and gather at the capital, seeking to create the world's largest pupusa

Preparing Pupusas At Las Cazuelas Restaurant and Pupuseria: 

Here at Las Cazuelas Restaurant and Pupuseria, we take pupusas incredibly seriously as our unique and distinctive pupusa recipe has been crafted to perfection and passed down from generation to generation. To prepare these hand-crafted food items, our skilled chefs and cooks begin by creating the corn tortilla that will hold the mixture we put into it. First, they make the corn dough from scratch, crafting a perfectly soft dough that does not crack around the edges after being flattened out.  After letting the dough rest, divide the dough into about six equal pieces. We will form a ball out of the dough and create an indentation. This is where we will place the tasty filling that we have put together. Next, we will carefully wrap dough around the filling to seal it all together. After cooking the pupusas on a heated skillet, they are finally ready to serve! 

If you are ready to sink your teeth into the best pupusas in Los Angeles, then it's time to visit Las Cazuelas Restaurant and Pupuseria. Our pupusas are hand-made to perfection, using only the freshest ingredients to create a tasty experience, unlike anything you have tasted or experienced before!