A Highland Park Staple

Las Cazuelas Restaurant and Pupuseria

Welcome to Las Cazuelas Restaurant and Pupuseria in Los Angeles, California! Here, within our entirely welcoming and fully functioning family-owned and operated restaurant, is where we have been providing the community of Southern California with delicious, home-style El Salvadoran and Mexican cuisine for the past 30 years. When you decide to explore the local restaurants within the city of angels, you will find one of the area's most well-known and tasty Salvadorian restaurants. At Las Cazuelas Restaurant, we take deeply rooted and generationally handed-down family recipes and transform them into authentic and delicious dishes that you and your entire family can now share and enjoy, together. 

Over the past two years, a variety of different businesses, organizations, and restaurants all around the Southern California area were faced with a number of hardships and complications, most stemming from the financial and restrictive difficulties that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with the entire Los Angeles population, the Las Cazuelas family had to deal with and endure a great deal of hardship, fighting to still have the ability to serve our tight-knit community the delectable dishes that they have come to know, enjoy, and love. After surviving through the hardships of the past two years and the gentrification of the neighborhood that we had grown accustomed to over the past three decades, our incredibly welcoming and lively staff members, servers, and cooks are ready to welcome our amazing patrons, both old and new, back into the Las Cazuelas Restaurant!

Since 1985, Las Cazuelas has been working tirelessly to deliver flavorful and authentic El Salvadoran and Mexican-styled dishes to our loyal customers. Because of the community that we serve and the continued support that they have shown to us day after day, the entire restaurant, including the staff and the family members that absolutely love to create good food and a warm ambiance for the Highland Park community to enjoy, is still able to do what makes them happy every single day. 

Our ingredients and the recipes that were passed all the way down from our ancestors originated straight from El Salvador. It's there that the entire menu for the Las Cazuelas was constructed and put together and it wasn't long before local El Salvadorans were flocking to our home kitchens to catch a taste of our delicious dishes. Now, we want to share our taste of home with Southern California, providing you with El Salvadoran flavors and dishes like you've never tasted before! 

With the freshest ingredients directly sourced from local farms and gardens within the Highland Park area, our goal here at Las Cazuelas is to deliver traditional El Salvadoran and Mexican style food dishes with the most traditional of ingredients and spices, adding authentic flavor to locally sourced food.  

Here at Las Cazuelas Restaurant, we treat each and every customer like family, offering a variety of foods that remind them of the dishes that their very own mothers and grandmothers would cook for them as young children. We purposefully established ourselves within a densely El Salvadoran and Mexican saturated community, in order to provide both locals and outsiders with delicious menu items that make them feel right at home. 

Whether it's our famous pupusas, savory tamales, flavorful platanos, or anything in between, we will make sure that when you come to Las Cazuelas, you will be provided with one of the most satisfying dining experiences that you have ever had. Las Cazuelas offers a menu with more than one hundred dishes, such as our carne asada, pollo a la plancha, camarones empanizados, taquitos con guacamole, and much more. Our recipes are made with naturally derived ingredients, from our seafood options to our guacamole that is made entirely in-house, your order will always be made entirely fresh. 

Excellent customer service starts with a genuine and authentic desire to delight our customers with every meal that we provide, and our staff and chefs pay close attention in order to do so. We truly believe that we can share our passion for food through a great service, artisan El Salvadoran and Mexican cuisine, and a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that invites people from all different cultures and backgrounds to come together and enjoy the culinary creations we make here at Las Cazuelas Restaurant. If you find yourself in the Highland Park area any time soon, come and stop by! It's time to take a taste test for yourself and see what the Los Angeles community has been talking about. Las Cazuelas Restaurant and Pupuseria is ready to serve you!